Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Bodybuilder Achievements

ArnoldArnold Schwarzenegger has had plenty of time in the bodybuilding spotlight. There hasn’t been one single person in the entire world of bodybuilding that has had as much success as Arnold. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bodybuilder achievements can be seen from an extremely early age. At the age of eighteen this bodybuilding god won Junior Mr. Europe. Then shortly one year later, he won the Mr. Europe award! And that just gets us started. At the age of only twenty he achieved the world famed Strongman stone lifting title for the first time, after this he went on to achieve Mr. Olympia, as well as becoming one of the most famed bodybuilders in the entire world!

The beginning of this extraordinary man’s adventure first begins at the age of eighteen. In which he won Junior Mr. Europe. But little did everyone know that this little prodigy would one day become one of the most important people in the entire history of the sport. But even this impressive title wasn’t enough for this young new bodybuilder. Now mind you that he had only pumped his first iron when he was sixteen!

Then one year later young Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilder wanted to become even more celebrated by winning a new more impressive title. He dreamed of winning Mr. Europe on his return from his previous victory. And to a surprise, he took home the title Mr. Europe. But this still did not quench his thirst for bodybuilding superiority. After this title he probably started realizing what he could achieve.

First off his achievements started at the age of twenty. Which if you know your bodybuilding history then you know he got this title only four years after lifting his first barbell! Only four years later he won this title, which in itself is quite a feat of physical prowess. He won this Strongman title by squatting with a five hundred sixty pound round ball. This just started the snowball effect with young Arnold, after this title he just wanted more. And little did he know what would happen next.

Now by this time Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilder achievements were monumental. This young man has achieved numerous awards for body building as well as a number of other heavy lifting awards. So when he finally decided to take on Mr. Olympia, many people believed that he could have a chance to take it. And this young but hopeful bodybuilder sadly didn’t accomplish this goal the first time. But his pure drive and will power wouldn’t let him deter from this goal. He returned one year later to completely dominate this field. He even loved the title so much that he decided to keep it for six years in a row!