E-liquids develop a burnt taste and what can you do about it?

As vaporizers are seen as a comparatively healthier alternative to smoking tobacco, there has been a steady increase in the supply and demand of vaping pens and e-liquids. However, there are a few drawbacks associated even to the use of vaping pens. You will definitely get riddance from all the smoke and odor, yet sometimes the vaping experience is not good enough. The frequent smokers often find themselves complaining about the poor quality of flavor that comes from e-cigarettes. There could be many things that can cause this burnt taste in an e-liquid. First of all, you should be making sure that you are using a good quality e juice that contains just the right amount of nicotine. The flavor you choose could also be the reason for the burnt taste sometimes, owing to its composition. In that case, you should maintain that your Ejuice comes from a reliable supplier.

The increasing popularity of e-cigarettes has also introduced another major concern and that is a steady rise in imitation product. So far, there have been no limitations on the buying and selling of e-cigarettes at all. This lack of regulation also means that there is not standard that has to be met by the manufacturers of these little devices. You will easily find plenty of imitations in the market, many of which do not even carry any assurance of safety and quality. This could also be the reason why so many instances of battery explosion have been reported. This apart, it could also have serious negative impacts on health. Many e-liquids have been found to use marijuana instead of THC. No wonder smokers are left complaining about the flavor and quality of e-liquids. If you are a regular smoker, make sure that you buy eliquid from a reliable brand such as from vapecorp, that can provide a stamp of safety and quality.  As for the burnt taste, there could be a number of reasons leading to this and there are also ways to overcome them.

  1. Coils

The taste of your vape also depends on how frequently you replace your coils. If your vaping pen was working perfectly before it started giving a burnt taste, it could be an indication that you either have a very old coil or a burnt one. In that case, replacing the coil will do the job. No matter how often you vape, burnt coils are not an option. Getting a good quality coil will also make sure that you do not have to change frequently even if you are in the habit of smoking frequently.

  1. Priming

How you prime your coils will also make a huge difference in the taste of the vape and how long your coils last. To make the best out of your vaporizer, first put a few drops of e-liquid on the wick holes before dipping them into the Eliquid canister. Make sure that your liquid is filled fully or the coil could get burnt, thus giving an unpleasant taste. If you let this sit for around 30 minutes before vaping, you will get the best flavor. Also, make sure that you start from the lowest setting and gradually increase the wattage till you reach your desired setting.

  1. Check on the wattage

Sometimes, smoking at very high watts could also be the reason for that burnt taste. All coils are not compatible with high wattage and can get easily burnt if the settings are higher than recommended. Therefore make sure that you are using your coils at the recommended setting.

  1. Temperature control

If you are getting too much bothered by the burnt taste, you could get hold of a vaporizer with a temperature control. This will allow you to adjust the temperature of your vape without having to worry about burning up the coils.

  1. Ejuice

Sometimes it could also be the e-liquid that may not be working well with your device. Different devices have different compositions that vary greatly on the amount of VG, PG and sugar or sweeteners. Eliquids that contain too much sugar end up burning your wicks faster. Liquids with VG level higher than the PG also burn the coils faster. Therefore when you buy ejuice, make sure that you go for lower VG and higher PG liquids. Also, all the vaporizers may not be compatible with a particular liquid, so keep trying and testing till you find the right pick for your vaping pen. You should also make sure that you buy ejuice from a reliable supplier, as this will give an assurance of safety as well as quality.

  1. Choice of wick

Different wicks have different working rates. Some are faster while the others are slower. Putting too much stress on them can give a burnt taste. So if you are in the habit of taking frequent drags, go for an atomizer with a faster wicking ability. You could also buy eliquid that serves for faster wicking up.


  1. Hot spots

There can be instances where you get a hot burning taste even though your wicks are fully saturated. This is because some coils have a hot spot which gives away a nasty metallic taste. The worst thing is that this taste can stay in your wicks. To overcome this, toss your vaporizer and take the wicks out to make sure that coils are not touching each other.


  1. Difficult atomizers

Some atomizers are more difficult to pick than the others. If you use too much or too less of the material used for wicking, it can end up giving a burnt taste. The only way to prevent this is by learning the right way to wick or settling for an easier atomizer.

  1. Maintain the coils

To avoid the unpleasant throat burning, make sure that you keep your coils in the right shape and replace the wicks every once a week. You should also be cleaning the atomizers to prevent the accumulation of gunk.

More than often, a burnt taste could be a result of a combination of the above-mentioned issues. If done in the right way, vaping could be a great experience. It is also much safer and healthier than smoking tobacco cigarettes. Hope this article will help you to detect exactly what is giving you the nasty burnt taste and what you can do to fix it so as to enjoy the smooth luxury of vaping.

If you are still struggling, here is a helpful video tutorial on how to fix the burnt ejuice problem.