Inverted Rows

Inverted rows are the exercises that target your middle and lower traps, your rhomboid major, and your rhomboid minor. The benefits you can obtain by performing these exercises are that you can strengthen your upper back, lats and traps. Some of the people have the slouching shoulders; the inverted rows can help realign your shoulder-blades.

Main Move

Starting Position (A)

Use the overhand grip; hold the bar as shown in the picture.

(a) Your arms should be completely straight and your hands are placed directly above your shoulders.

(b) From your ankles to your body, it should be maintained in a straight line.

Second Move (B)

Begin the movement by contracting your shoulder blades, and then continue the pull with your arms to move your chest near to the bar. Pause, and then slowly move your body back to the original position.

(a) Make sure your wrists straight all the time. If you have a problem maintaining correct grip, it indicates that you have a weak upper back and/or biceps.

(b) Squeeze your body for the entire movement.

(c) Keep your wrists straight.

Variation 1: Modified Inverted Row

This exercise is performed with your knees bent 90 degrees.

(a) By bending your knees, it reduces the amount of force that you need to lift, making the exercise easier than standard inverted row.

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Variation 3: Elevated-Feet Inverted Row

Perform this exercise by placing your heels on a box or bench.

(a) Elevating your feet enhances the difficulty of the exercise by increasing the amount of your body weight you need to lift.

Variation 3: Inverted Row with Feet on Swiss Ball

Instead of placing your heels on the floor, position them on a Swiss ball. This allows your core to work harder to balance the unstable Swiss ball.

Variation 4: Single-Arm Inverted Row

Grip the bar overhand with your left hand, but keep your right hand free as shown in the picture. Make sure your right hand elbow is bent 90 degree.

Then, move your body up with your left arm. As shown in the diagram, straighten your right arm and reach high as you perform this movement.

Repeat the exercise with your right hand immediately after completing the prescribed number of repetition.